Coming Down the Mountain


Jesus took Peter, James and John and went up a mountain to pray. As Jesus was praying, the appearance of his face changed and his clothes flashed white like lighting. (Luke 9)

We wrapped up the work on Friday with moving the water supply at Mario’s church from one side of the roof to the other (Joe redid all the plumbing and there was water when we left!) We also lifted up hundreds of buckets of sand and gravel to the second floor so they could continue working next week.

The community center site saw significant progress with multiple walls completed, to be stuccoed next week. Last but not least we visited the orphanage one more time and helped out with English classes after lunch. There was a great sense of accomplishment among the whole team as the work week ended.

As the week ends, I can’t help but think of Jesus taking the disciples to a mountain and giving them a glimpse of who he really is. One outcomes of mission trips is that most, if not all team members, see Jesus in a new way after working with and serving the poor. People are changed and never quite the same after experiencing God outside their comfort zone.

Just as the disciples get a glimpse of who Jesus is, mission trips give us a glimpse of how God really works. The challenge now is for us to serve and love as passionately in everyday life as we did on this trip.

May we be a people that see Jesus’ face in all we meet and serve!



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