Mud ‘n’ Spit Miracles


Jesus spit on the ground, made mud with the saliva, and smeared the mud on the man’s eyes… The man went away and washed. When he returned, he could see. (John 9)

On Thursday, we changed up the schedule. We spent the day at the Marieatas Islands swimming to the hidden beach, caves, and snorkeling. In the evening, we helped Mario’s church host a block party for 200 people that included some singing, teaching and activities for kids. We prepped food for all those folks. It was an awesome event after a great day!

As I watched the team play and cook and talk, I couldn’t help but marvel that all this happened because, at a meeting in the fall, we decided to raise the funds and to be a part of what God is doing in Mexico. A pretty regular, normal decision that leads to food and buildings and shelter and resources for those who need them.

I love this miracle of Jesus healing the blind man. He uses something so ordinary like mud to accomplish an amazing thing. He didn’t have to do it that way but he did. God doesn’t have to use us in God’s activities but we get to be involved!

In fact, God’s best work has always been done with amazingly ordinary stuff – water, mud, spit, a teenage girl and mission teams. God uses ordinary objects in regular places with everyday people.

We look forward to being used on our last full day of mission work!



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