Planting the Seeds


As for what is planted on good soil, this refers to those who hear and understand and bear fruit and produce – in one case a yield of one hundred to one, in another case a yield of sixty to one, and in another case a yield of thirty to one. (Matthew 13)

The work continued on all 3 sites today. We finished painting the roof for the addition to Mario’s church; we should be able to start installing it tomorrow. Joe did some light plumbing to prepare to move the tank from the roof to a new spot.

The team at the community center built walls and made cement and moved rock without complaining in the only unshaded project we have! Last but certainly not least the orphanage team played games, put on masks and engaged the kids in a wide variety of puzzles.

At lunch today, the team ate so quickly that there was plenty of time to engage the neighborhood kids in a few rounds of volleyball, soccer, hackey sack and some strange hand clap game. It is some of my favorite moments of each trip, watching the team bond with the people we serve.

I’m sure some folks wonder if these mission trips do any long-lasting good. I’m reminded of this story where Jesus describes a farmer planting seeds on all kinds of ground. The seed never takes root in some to producing a bumper crop in others.

Some of our mission projects may in the long run be a bust but others will produce a huge harvest for God’s Kingdom in many different ways! It is the same within each one of us; some people will choose to not respond to Jesus’ call on their lives while others will cause many others to respond to God moving in them, regardless of their career choice!

The work of seed scattering and planting continues tomorrow!



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