Fusion & First UMC Administratively Independent

Announcement first made Sunday November 24

If you read page 3 of your program each Sunday, you will note that Fusion is a part of Mitchell First UMC. A group of 8 leaders and 2 pastors have been working since last December to determine and spell out what that relationship looks like. The group recommended a few weeks ago, and the leadership of both Fusion and First UMC both unanimously approved, Fusion to be administratively independent from First UMC while continuing our shared ministry.

On the day-to-day, nothing really changes. Our mission to reach out to people that have never come to church or disconnected from church stays the same; our passion to reach out and give away our resources stays the same; our staff stays the same; people going back and forth in worship between First UMC & Fusion; we will continue to share in youth ministry, mission and outreach, various children’s ministries, and other shared activities as they arise.

Administratively, it means starting January 1, for example, you will receive giving statements from Fusion, not First UMC. It means Fusion is now on a path to be a church of its own. It truly is an exciting time with all that God is doing in our midst!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If you’ve wanted to learn more about Fusion, our story, and where we are going, we will have another opportunity in January!


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