Where We Saw God


Jasmin found herself in a tiny sinkhole painting this week.

As we were debriefing the week last night, sharing ups and downs and highlights from the devos, I asked this question: where did you see God this week?

Here are some answers:
-In the faces of the homeowners
-Sitting on the beach by myself
-In the calm in the midst of the chaos of the students working
-In the random people that shared their stories with us
-In the random people who thanked us
-Persevering through the ups and downs the week brought
-In the staff of the Epworth Project as they organize and serve those in need

I have three.

One, in the faces of the homeowners. I got to chat with one of them, Jacki, and she was so ecstatic to have us there, moved to tears multiple times as she told her story that God had finally sent her reliable help. That moment for me made all the stress of the week fall away.

Two, in the faces and actions of the students. From happiness to sadness to joy to sorrow, they were a perfect reflection of the God who made them that way and the God who feels the same way. The students were moved to ask how to make things better, how to work more efficiently and to serve more people in the time given. All of that is by design.

Last, in the random people who shared stories and said thanks. Due to our tight schedule, we were frequently running around town in our painting clothes and people naturally asked what we were doing. Once we told them, they were genuinely thankful and shared their stories. There were many holy moments in WalMarts and swamp tours!

It was an awesome week to serve folks in the name of Jesus! I think he is very proud of this team.




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