It’s Just the First Coat!


A few times this week, our students found themselves saying “it’s only the first coat” meaning we could fix any errors because we had to go over it again later. So true!

Our first house finished some great inside trim at their location as well as sheetrocked some holes. The homeowner was very pleased with the results!

Our second house has a new exterior color as well as completed trim on the inside. This homeowner was pleased as well!

Last but not least was the house at the very beginning stages of reconstruction. It is now completely gutted with a new exterior color and some moisture locking panels in the house.

We met Jacki the homeowner today. She cried as she saw the home she raised 12 children in come back to life after 7 years of sitting with no progress and being ripped off by some contractors.

Today the students are realizing we are just one link in the process of rebuilding these homes and all the homes affected by Katrina. Some thought we would rebuild whole homes but we were needed in some spots to do detail work, to move the house forward into next week. At times it felt like little mustard seed steps forward.

And we know that those little mustard seed acts ultimately lead to God’s Kingdom coming! Jesus said, so it must be true.

We are just the first coat; there is more yet to come!




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