Classic Mission Trip


Another great day serving the people of New Orleans! We had some classic mission team moments happen over the past two days.

One of our teams learned a new skill: patching holes in Sheetrock. A few girls now are going home able to work with Sheetrock and fix errors.

Learning a new skill: classic mission trip.

Our second team made great progress painting the exterior of their home. However they came to find out, two hours into the project, the directions were wrong in their folder. So today they now spend time fixing that misstep.

Miscommunication on projects: classic mission trip.

Our third house has had to use creative methods to finish projects because they have no power (and no functioning bathroom). A hand saw to cut Sheetrock, an ax to break up tile, and working in a dark, unlit house are just three examples.

No power: classic mission trip.

And the final classic moment of the day: our evening trip to the beach. We were unable to find a parking lot and were so excited to go we parked the huge vans on the sand. You can watch what happens below.

Getting the vehicles stuck: classic mission trip.

We’re having an absolute blast serving God!




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