The work began today and we split our group into 3 locations all over New Orleans.

The first group spent time finishing one house nearly done on the inside. They were painting the trim and getting ready to sand & paint the outside of the home. They are located just a few miles from where we are staying.

The second group was also finishing a mobile home that need some trim painted and some holes in the Sheetrock patched. They are 20 miles west of where we are staying.

The final group is finishing the demolition in one house and gearing up to paint the outside. A ceiling, water heater and outlets came out of the house today. They are located 20 miles southeast of where we are staying.

The level of destruction from Katrina was enormous. Miles upon miles destroyed. Our partner group, Epworth Project, has helped to rebuild more than 20,000 homes. But 400,000 were destroyed. 400,000 people live in New Orleans today; 1.1 million before Katrina.

In the face of stats like that, one can get discouraged but I don’t. We are a part of God’s rebuilding efforts one house at a time; that is how the Kingdom works! Jesus said the Kingdom is like a mustard seed, the smallest seed, but becomes the largest of all plants.

We can get discouraged that we don’t do enough on mission trips, the cleaning isn’t enough, the painting isn’t enough, we needed more time. But it is all small acts building to the Kingdom God is bringing about. Those small acts we do every day to serve one another are leading to something this world has never seen before!

I’m so glad this team gets to be a part of building God’s Kingdom on earth!




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