Omega in Peru… Nearing the End

Our second Peru team, Omega, returns to the US on Monday May 23. Here is the latest on their progress from Nicole. Enjoy the read!

“We have been working hard on the experimental clinic and have gotten all four walls covered with layers of stucco. We put up the finishing coat and pattern on today and have a little bit left to do. The roof is installed as well and we almost lost Tyler in the process. Kelty spotted a rat at the beginning of the work day while he was on the roof, so a few of us played rat hockey, then the dogs ate it.

“Although we’ve reached the point in the trip where emotions run high, we have found our focus and positivity in seeing the clinic coming together. Guys were working on the doors and window today, and John [the doctor] is pleased with the fact that it is now a functional building.

“People in the satellite city have seemed to warm up to us gringos [Non-Peruvians] being there, and we have had some kids coming to see us and play with us. The cool thing about the locals is that we are learning beside them. They have learned some of our mannerisms and ways to do the work, while we, at the same time, have learned their ways of doing things as well.

“There has been a lot of growth and progress in the past couple of days.”

Okay, so maybe it isn’t quite a picnic shelter. We will have to wait and see some photos!


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