Omega in Peru… 2 Steps Forward

More news from our second team currently serving in Peru. This is a compilation of updates from Cody, Seth & Nicole:

“We have had a few setbacks on the clinic construction (wrong materials and experimental building techique let to some detours!), but are making up for lost time. only a couple of health ups and downs…nothing major.”

“Things are going well.  we had a little bit of a setback with work as we figured out we had some of the wrong supplies, but we were able to get some things corrected and are back on track.  Everyone is doing well, despite the not-unexpected illness… anyway, just wanted to let you know we´re all doing fine and are thoroughly enjoying serving God outside of our comfort zones.”

When we say they are building a clinic, make sure to clear your mind of the American notion! The “clinic,” if I recall correctly, is essentially a picnic shelter where they can diagnose and treat people out of the hot Peruvian sun.

Hopefully, they will get some photos uploaded by the next update so you can see how the work is progressing!


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