10 Days in Peru… Answer to Prayer

Last night, after dinner, we heard the story and the vision behind the project called the Campimento where we work. Pastor Pedro, our Peruvian liason, told us that the Christians here have had a passion, a dream to see a church and a retreat center evolve in a very poor and economically depressed area called Tambo de Mora.

For decades they prayed to God for help and none came. They never gave up and a seemingly random connection with Christians from Tennesee grew to a mission team in the early 2000s from Dakota Wesleyan University and Lambuth University. We are now the 5th trip from DWU and, in an interesting twist, since Lambuth is closing this year, we are picking up one of their religion professors.

It is humbling, by itself, to be used by God at all in the world. It is even more humbling when you are told and realize you are the answer to a prayer prayed by Christians for decades.

God, help me, help all of us to be worthy of the calling you have given to our team. Amen.


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