10 Days in Peru… Working

After expecting to sleep in after traveling for 24 hours, we slept 5 hours and worked like crazy mixing cement, moving bricks, and painting on Tuesday. Today has been more of the same in beautiful 75 degree weather with sun!

Everyone has been excellent so far working hard in clothing that is getting progressively dirter and dirter. The current plan is to work through Friday, take a break this weekend, and work more next week.

One funny story… while waiting to walk to see a house, one of our students, Nicole, waved at a taxi because it honked. They did not understand that she was just saying hi but pulled over because they thought she wanted a cab! Not the first and wíll not be the last cultural oops!

If we figure out a way to upload pictures to circa 1990s computers the next post will have some!


2 thoughts on “10 Days in Peru… Working

  1. So excited to find your mission trip website. I hope you guys have a great time and I will be praying for a fun, safe, and successful trip!! (Hi everyone!)

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