God Just Hears a Melody?

We pour out our miseries / God just hears a melody
Beautiful the mess we are / The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah
-Amy Grant, “Better than a Hallelujah,”  from the album Somewhere Down the Road

Something has been bothering me about this song.

I most certainly believe that our honest cries are prayers, that they are much more impactful than some song we just sing in church on Sunday. Anything done with honesty and authenticity is always better.

I think my hangup is that “God hears a melody” when we pour out our deepest hurts. A melody is the main musical selection to a piece of music; is our suffering the main part of our existence?

And does God just listen to us when we cry out in pain? In the Scripture, God is weeping when people weep, God actually suffers when we suffer. God intervenes. God acts when people are in trouble and in peril.

Sometimes in miraculous ways; most times thorough regular, ordinary people bringing hope through their words, usually just their presence with you.

I appreciate the attempt with this song but, like I said, something bothers me about it.


One thought on “God Just Hears a Melody?

  1. HI, same concerns. Which prompted my google search, leading me to your blog, and to see if any scripture supported Amy’s song. I appreciate the angle – how God wants us to be honest and talk or cry out to Him whenever we want – He’s there for us.
    But, to put God into a place where He’s “just” anything, is limiting His power, ability and desire as all powerful, all knowing, unchanging God.
    Additionally, I can’t locate any scripture that even alludes to God not actually hearing what we pray or diluting our fervent crys into just melodies.

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