Highlights – PV Mission Day 7

After surviving the canopy trip (zip-lining between mountains) the team relaxes in nearby hammocks – pictured are Brandon and Vicky, the team leaders

What are the one or two moments you will most remember from the mission trip?

Tanner – “swimming in the ocean at night with the stars overhead”

Charity – “When delivering¬†groceries to the neighbors, we interrupted a woman in the shower. It really brought home the point that we all share things in common on the planet.”

Alicia – “The thankfulness of Maria for working on her house and the look on her face when we first arrived”

Mallory – “David’s attitude of servanthood and gratitude for our help on his house”

Vicky – “The transformation of Maria’s entire neighborhood by a regular, ordinary person named Andy.”

Liz – “The looks of the ladies as we gave away clothing that were collecting dust at DWU”

Kelsie N. – “The story of Lee & Carol selling their life insurance and coming on faith to meet the needs of the poor”

Shannon – “Playing with the girls at the Agape House – one of them said it was the most fun she has ever had”

Kelsey M. – “At the dump, the attitude of the workers while they prayed with us. We have something to learn from their attitude”

Jeannette – “David’s testimony of giving up monetary wealth as a drug dealer to follow Christ in material poverty”

Kelty – “David’s story encouraged me that a family member of mine could turn around someday as well”

Brandon – “Hearing the students explain to others that they were not here to get drunk but to serve the poor”

The view outside Puerto Vallarta where we cruised over and through the trees, on 11 different zip lines, 2 over a mile in length! Thanks Canopy River Tours!


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