The Best-Laid Plans… – PV Mission Day 5

The team working on the children’s ministry/tutoring center – from left to right: Brandon, Kelsey, Derik, Abby, Mallory and Kara

It is a rite of passage for anyone on a mission trip to do 2 things: 1) move a pile of bricks from A to B then back to A and 2) have all of your plans turned upside-down. Both of those rites have been accomplished for all of our team members as of today. We mixed the students into different groups at breakfast and split to conquer projects at David and Maria’s homes.

At David’s house, with the cement mixer, we were ready to put the floor in all three rooms. After a solid 20 minutes of work, the water in his neighborhood stopped flowing. Since it is impossible to make cement without water, we were done at David’s for the day. Luckily our Mexican mission partners had a backup plan and thus we met Lee and Carol today.

They are building an after-school program, children’s ministry and tutoring center. We helped them ready the floors for cement tomorrow, prepare re-bar for the roof and move 241 bricks from one location to another. So the students who felt they were not going to do any work today worked plenty!

The crew at Maria’s house mixed cement and mortar for the walls by hand (note that the cement mixer was again sitting at David’s house not being used), finished the foundation, and completed 2 of the 4 walls at half-height. That team is well on the way of having the four walls of the house completed tomorrow. FYI: they moved a piles of bricks yesterday to meet their rite of passage.

At the end of the day, the team visited the Agape House, a home for abused girls, aged 7-18. They spent time getting to know the girls and playing games. The team discovered they did not know Spanish numbers very well and were schooled in the games.

We relaxed tonight by walking to the ocean from our rented house. It was quite humorous to watch 17 Plains-raised students get knocked on their butts by the Pacific Ocean. However, it was awesome to do devotions and to pray in the moonlight under the stars on the beach on the Pacific.

God has been doing awesome work through the team and I am excited to see how our final workday plays out tomorrow. Keep the prayers coming for health, stamina, and creative scheduling!

The team at the Agape House – From left to right: Amanda, Liz, Charity, and Jeannettte (back to camera)


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