Chiseling & Digging – PV Mission Day 3

Team 1 works on David house. Pictured from left to right, Amanda, Kelsie, Kara, Kelty, and Brandon

The team split today into groups of 12 and 7. The group of twelve met David and helped to build his house. He received a microfinanced loan (around $3000 @ 0% interest) from the Worship in Paradise Church and uses volunteer labor, mission teams like us, to build it. With four walls up and no roof, we spent the day chiseling out spots for electrical outlets, water lines, and sewage pipes. Towards the end of the day, we began work on the floor, placing dirt and prepping it for the concrete floor tomorrow.

The group of seven experienced Extreme Makeover: Neighborhood Edition. They began construction on Maria’s house and met the neighborhood visionary Andy. Maria cried as the team pulled in because her dream of having a home was coming true. Today. The team dug through sun-dried clay to make footers for the new home.

Maria’s home is one of the last houses on this street to be completed. Last year, the street was filled with tent dwellings with no sewage. Today, Maria’s house is the last to be converted and a proper sewage system has been working for a few months. Andy also has plans for a community center that will be used to provide income for the neighborhood families and a place of worship as well.

Friends, is this not Kingdom work? Providing shelter for those that have no roof, work for those that have no employment, and hope for those that have despair. I love the idea of taking an entire neighborhood and providing hope and life. Is this not something we could do in the US as well? What would it look like for all the churches in Mitchell (SD) to make a commitment to one block of town? I dare say some powerful miracles might occur!

Team 2 spends the last part of the day at an orphanage playing games. From left to right: Mallory, Tanner, Kelsey, Abby, Analisa and Alicia (back to the camera)


3 thoughts on “Chiseling & Digging – PV Mission Day 3

  1. Brandon, are you trying to pull that ladder out from under Kelty? I’d be cautious if I were you, Kelty!

    It is awesome to see the work that you all are doing!

    His peace,

  2. I have been loving these updates! It’s been great seeing and reading about what the students have been doing. Is the reason I haven’t seen Shannon because she’s the one behind the camera at all times? Imagine that. 😉

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