Reflections on Passion 2010 – Part 2

Despite some theological disagreement, which is a healthy thing, I believe it was well worth the time to take our student leadership team to Atlanta for a few days. Despite some very cold weather for the Deep South, we had great time worshipping, discussing, debating, and walking everywhere.

A few more gems from the conference:
“Purity leads to intimacy” -Andy Stanley
“Who you are leads to who you are friends with and what you will do in life” -Andy Stanley

Probably my most favorite speaker was Gabe Lyons. He co-authored the book “unChristian” that catalogues the 18-29 outsider’s perception of Christianity. To say they are not flattering to Christians is an understatement. He challenged the crowd to look across the ocean at Europe to see that Christianty has lost allow cultural influence that it once had. Is America going to do the same? Or are we going to adapt to a new postmodern, post-Christian culture, and really be authentic and real about this Christ we follow?

Our semester theme in worship this spring is based on the unChristian book. I’m excited to see what God is going to work through that material.


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